Local and International Charities

The photo shows from l to r : Roz Agulnik (a fellow quilter), Pam Chasen (co-ordinator of project Mumbai), Rabbi Neu representing the Montreal Torah Centre, Rabbi Bernath representing Chabad of Monkland.

This was a project that I headed up after the terror attack on the Chabad House, a spiritual outreach centre, in  November 2008. Five people were taken hostage and brutally murdered. Two of the victims, Rivki and Gabi Holzberg, who headed up the organization, were 28 years old.  They were survived by their two year old son Moshe who was rescued by his Indian nanny as she grabbed him and ran out of the building, risking their lives.  This outreach center hosted many travellers from all walks of life from all parts of the globe from different ethnic and religious groups.  Subsequent to this attack,a few quilters in Montreal got together as we felt driven to make some quilted items in honor and memory of those who had lost their lives. In May 2009, our project came to a close.  As co-ordinator I contacted Rabbi Neu, Rabbi of a large local outreach synagogue in Montreal, as well as Rabbi Bernath who opened a spiritual outreach centre in Montreal in honour and memory of those who had lost their lives in Mumbai.  We handed over quilts, towels, quilted toys, wall hangings, place mats and bread covers.  These items were divided between the two local outreach centres, the new centre being built in Mumbai and some items were sent to Moshe in Israel, the two year old surviving son.

Another project that I am involved with is HatsforIsraeliSoldiers.blogspot.com

Over 100 hats have been knitted in Montreal by our group.  For some knitters these hats have given them a raison d'etre, for others it is a way of performing a small act of caring.  Anyone interested in finding out how they can become involved by either knitting or donating wool for this project or for other outreach projects in the pipeline is welcome to email me.

In March 2009, I made a quilt for a project organized by 'Contemporary Quilt', a specialist group of the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles. This group held a tombola at the 2009 Festival of Quilts.  The quilts made for this project were called 'Little Gems'.  They measured 9 X 11 inches, were made by quilters from all over the world and were donated to raise funds for the new Guild Museum and Gallery in York, England.

'Le Nichoir'  is a wild bird rehabilitation center in Hudson, Quebec.  Artists were invited to donate a 5" X 7" piece of art.  Each piece is to be sold at a gala event in August 2010 for $65, the average price of rehabilitating one bird. This guinea fowl  was my contribution.