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'Der Veg' (The Journey)

'Der Veg' (The Journey)


Size:   70” across X 35” down

The artist who has inspired this piece of work is William Kentridge.  He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1955, where he continues to live and work.  His work contains unambiguous references to the history of South Africa while transcending this to include the human condition.

A theme present in much of his work is ‘the procession.’ One of the themes I use in my work is ‘the journey.’  Processions are often present in journeys.  Kentridge’s use of color (mainly black, white, red and blue), his choice of media (charcoal, pastels, film, sculpture), the themes explicit and implicit in his work resonate very strongly within me.  We were both born in South Africa not very far apart in years, both have paternal grand-parents who hail from Lithuania and who came to South Africa around the same time (late 1800’s, early 1900’s) to escape the pogroms of Lithuania and to start a new life in South Africa.  Our political views are similar and we both love the country of our birth while recognizing the harsh realities.

The language used in the title of this piece is Yiddish – the language spoken by Lithuanian immigrants and still spoken today.

Media:  Tulle, voile and cotton fabric hand painted and hand printed using gelatin, silk screen and gel mediums.  Charcoal, pastels, oil sticks, textile and acrylic paints.  Raw edge appliqué.  Machine stitched and quilted.

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