I am a South African born Occupational Therapist. My husband, two daughters and I immigrated to Montreal, Canada in August 2004.

I began my first career working with children with learning problems.  This led me to undertake post graduate study in Neurological rehabilitation. On completion of my second degree, I worked with people recovering from strokes and head injuries. The height of my career as an Occupational Therapist, was working in a 500 bed retirement village. With the support of the director and staff of this institution, I converted the Occupational Therapy department into an adult education centre where lectures, craft activities, baking, painting, singing, dancing, drawing, scrap booking, story telling were offered. For many years I lectured to under graduate students and also did a stint in private practice doing mainly medico-legal work which included assessing accident victims for the purpose of third party claims.

My earliest memory of sewing is sitting on my mom's lap at about age 7 sewing on her Singer treadle machine. At age 12, I was given a sewing machine as a birthday gift. I began making doll's clothes. doll's house curtains, cushion covers, purses - in fact anything that could be stitched.  Embroidery, needlepoint, rug-hooking, knitting, smocking, patchwork and scrap-booking were always encouraged at home.

Embroidery was my first love and I took classes in Johannesburg and Cape Town for many years with expert teachers. I did a patchwork course in my teens, a quilting course as a newly married person and a smocking course when my first daughter was born. My interest in and love of fibre was passionate and my search for deepening my knowledge about color and design was developing. This led me to start a degree in fine arts two and a half years before emigrating.

I have always enjoyed experimenting with color, fabric and non-conventional sewing materials whilst exploring their potential in my fiber art. I prefer dyeing fabrics to buying them and I find surface embellishment techniques exciting. In 2008 I converted my experiments and passions into a new career.

Whilst I appreciate a beautifully made traditional quilt, most of my work is more contemporary in nature and conceptual in design. More often than not, I design my own patterns and sometimes make my own fabrics. In my work I use beading, smocking, embroidery, piecing, applique, printing on fabric using various techniques, and many forms of experimental and established surface techniques.

My non-commisioned works include imagery and symbolism relating to my country of birth, my belief system and values, genealogy and journeys.

I belong to local and many on-line groups relating to quilting, dyeing, surface embellishment and genealogy. I am one of the twelve fiber artists of the blogspot 12bythedozen.blogspot.com. The group consists of twelve quilt makers and textile artists. We are scattered around the world in four countries and over three continents. Our aim is to create a 12 " square quilt every three months. The theme is chosen by the members in turn. I enjoy participating in group charity projects where hand made items are made for local and international charities.

Thank you for visiting my website! Enjoy!

Pam Chasen